BLOG | Who Do You Want to Be ?

We are … we are… we are…

A society pre-occupied with being seen, and admired.

I love this song, Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran,  I love that he calls out the absurdity of elitism, the culture of fame and fortune, and the striving to be  associated within  exclusive circles.

Although nothing is wrong with striving for success and networking, it is indeed the heart motivation with which we need to check ourselves.

I find it so sad that the true and lasting values that really matter in life are often being eroded.

Surround me with gorgeous fun loving humans that are 









Yes you can absolutely obtain and surpass your personal and business goals. You can commit, thrive and excel in every area that you choose, but hey I’d like to do it in a way that genuinely empowers and appreciates the diversity and beauty within.

Let’s be there for each other, and be the best version of ourselves. 

But let’s not be seduced by shiny instagram feeds, carefully curated lifestyle pics by influencers, and brag sessions by those who are fooled by hype.

Let's be content in who we are.

If you haven’t stopped to listen to the lyrics of this enlightened song by Ed Sheeran, why not take a moment to enjoy and this talented down to earth artist.

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