PAY IT FORWARD Win a Weber competition

Often when we look at back on chapters in life, we can distinctly remember an individual who has has been a positive influence on the person we have become today.
With our hectic schedules, time passes by so quickly that it's easy to forget the moments when people have stepped in to our world, left a footprint on our soul, and shaped our lives for the better....
I encourage you to take a moment to reflect, on these times,  and treasure these encounters. Who has impacted your world? (often there are many).

We would like to give you the opportunity to celebrate that special person in your life who has taken you, or a member of your family under their wing, and unreservedly devoted themselves to helping, encouraging and welcoming you/or a family member as one of their own.
Say a BIG THANK YOU to that special someone who is near and dear to your heart. It may be an entire family, a mentor, a business advisor, a faithful friend, or even an acquaintance. (whether it's the little blessings humbly given in secret, or the boisterous and bold  joy of inclusion)

Here is your opportunity to PAY IT FORWARD 

TO ENTER: In the comments below simply write the name of that special person, mum-like who inspired you. - there may be several & that's ok x
(Feel free to "SHARE" with your friends and family)

1) $100 Birch House Voucher for yourself
     The voucher has no expiry date :)
2) $339 Black WEBER PREMIUM BABY Q for the person you have nominated
    For product info click the link below:)
ENTRIES CLOSE:  Sunday 29th October 2017 7.30 pm
WINNER ANNOUNCED: On Sunday 29th October by 8.30 pm on facebook 
PRIZE INFORMATION: must be collected in store at The Birch House, Shop 36, Murray Bridge Marketplace, South Terrace, Murray Bridge (or freight arranged by the recipient at a cost bourne by them) 

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