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Fashions Faceless Epidemic

Fashions Faceless Epidemic
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As women we seem to excel in multi-tasking. (or so we tell ourselves)

There’s always so much to do, and so we valiantly keep to our schedule, without a passing thought of the things that hold lasting value.

Shopping with limited time and never ending to-do lists amongst a blur of harried faces, often leaves us feeling tired and disillusioned. All to often we feel like a FACELESS transaction, insignificant and undervalued.

People are so precious !!!

and yet so often in the fashion Industry, the focus is predominantly on the young, skinny and beautiful. Airbrushed digitally altered images dominate our magazine covers and social media platforms.

It is easy to feel disheartened, and feel that we are faceless and forgotten.

My day to-day affairs are intrinsically linked to conversing & styling women. To me every person is unique & beautiful in their own way. I love these interactions.

An intriguing encounter

Recently I had an intriguing encounter,

It was just on closing time, late on a Saturday afternoon when a woman entered the store with her husband and told me their plight.

They were just passing through our city on their way to attend a function when the woman realised that she had forgotten to pack her skirt. 

As we didn’t have any skirts in the store that day, the couple visited surrounding stores, trying to complete her outfit. They found and purchased a skirt and yet still returned to the store.

With disappointment written all over her face, the woman approached the counter and removed the skirt from the shopping bag. Although new, it was dowdy, shapeless & ugly.

Sensing his wife’s discouragement the husband suggested they have another look around the store. My heart went out to them both. I was now on a mission to bless this couple, and as such, proceeded to style her.

His eyes were full of adoration

I will never forget the look on her husband’s face. His eyes were full of adoration & dancing with excitement. His sweetheart, energetic and engaging looked sensational. But more importantly she felt confident & happy

This gorgeous woman was 85 years old

I went home that night and couldn’t help but think that previous to our encounter this lovely lady had been treated as someone without value. (any skirt would surely do, she’s too old to care) FACELESS Not in her prime and therefore not worth spending time on!!!

We all want to feel valued

I believe that in our heart of hearts we all want to feel valued and special, no matter our size, race or age.

As we go about our every day activities, let’s fill our hearts and remember to take the time to value everyone who comes across our path. Caring for one another enriches our lives more than possessions ever will.


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